5G Smart LoRa_ LED Street Light

Smart Street lights are an integral part of Smart Cities. Proper functioning of the street lights along with energy savings form an important part of smart cities. Nearly an average of 40% of the public's energy bills is spent on street lighting alone. The rise of energy costs and maintenance costs make the Smart Lights need of the hour. Street lights can also be used for monitoring the environmental conditions like pollution levels, noise levels. Intelligent traffic management is possible by appropriately mounting cameras. Thus, smart street lights open up a plethora of solutions and lead to better city management.

  • Power:30W-200W
  • Driver:Meanwell; Sosen; Lifud
  • Input Voltage:AC100-277V ; 200-480V
  • CCT:3000K,4000K,5000K,6500K


5G Smart LoRa_ LED Street Light Fixtures_Remote Management Platform


LoRa smart street light solutions

  • For municipalities

  • For street light operators

  • For LED street light manufacturers

  • For Residential colony facility management companies

  • For parking lots management company

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Unique Advantages Of LoRa Street Lights

  • Ultra-low energy consumption that saves upto 60% electricity and pays for itself in less than 4 years

  • Uniquely identifiable and addressable lights for real-time operation on individual lights and detection of faulty lights

  • Easy retro fitting in existing LED street lights to start savings immidiatly

  • Live monitoring/operation of entire street lighting system over cloud based software platform

  • Easy to setup and control street lights


Energy Saving Systems

  • Auto dimmer with ambient light sensor

  • Moonlight detection energy saving system

  • Sensor based dim control to detect pedestrians / vehicles passing by

  • Evening/Early morning energy saving system

  • Sensors to detect ground leakage


LoRa Street Light Controller

LoRa street light controller is a wireless connectivity system for a street light that does not have dimming capability. This control unit requires a GSM + LoRa street light feed controller unit to be pressent within 3KM range of the streetlight to function properly.

LoRa street light controller can be installed on an existing LED street light:


Advantages Of Using A LoRa Street Light Controller

  • Provides a unique identitiy to every light

  • Provides wireless on/off to the light using the GSM + LoRa street light feed controller unit

  • Detects and reports faults in street light instantly

  • Allows independent control of street light on calendar and timer basis

  • Detects grounding/earthing related faults in the street light

  • Detects and reports low luminance / output in light

  • Extends life of LED by detecting and reporting overheating of light unit

  • Allows instsant manual control of lights from software control system.



  • Highways and parking lots;Loading areas and freight yards;Ports and airports;Sporting venues;Industrial plants & power plants


Modular design, easy to replace, assemble and maintain; Modular for flood light and tunnel light.

Sensor option Preset light sensor space,pry off when installing the fixture.


ModelPower (±5%)DemensionPFBeam Angle (Lens)Lumen (±5%)Color TemperatureCRILed SourceIP
>80RAPhilips 3030IP66
>80RAPhilips 3030IP66
>80RAPhilips 3030IP66
>80RAPhilips 3030IP66


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